Welcome To My Blog 🎉

— 1 minute read

Hey everyone 👋🏻

Welcome to my new personal site/blog! I'm hoping to post about stuff like freelancing, web development, and other things that I'm interested in. You should see a few new posts from me soon including:

  1. An Announcement: a new, very small, lightning-fast, javascript package for dynamic cart management in Shopify themes
  2. A Case Study: I've been implementing Curbside pickup with Shopify and some custom code for one of my freelancing projects and am going to go over what it looks like on the platform.
  3. Other Goodies: As I said, I've got aspirations to write about anything I'm interested in, so I'm sure other stuff will be on here as well.

You can follow me on Twitter for updates, or just check back every once an awhile 😀