🚨 Friendly PSA 🚨 Read the Docs

I Messed Up

Take a few hours and read the docs carefully before getting started on a project. I spent the last 8 hours developing a solution that won't work and pushed the project back a day.

I won't bore you with the details of what I did, or I guess didn't do. What I will say is that it could have been easily avoided by spending an hour this morning reading the docs. I would have finished the project and been ready to launch by the end of this week.

On the Bright Side

While I initially felt like I wasted the whole day, after thinking about it, my work wasn't completely for nothing:

  1. I now know *exactly* what I need to do and how to do it 💡
  2. All of the HTML and CSS I wrote can be re-used in the new solution ♻️
  3. I learned a lesson in planning that I can apply to the next thing 🤔

Main Point

Sometimes you screw up, but with the right perspective, you can learn something in the process and come out a better developer on the other side.